• One File Linux

    One File Linux logo Live linux distro combined in one ~20MB file. Runs on any UEFI computer (PC or Mac) without installation. Just copy one file to EFI system partition and boot.

  • How Skype fixes security vulnerabilities

    How Skype fixes security vulnerabilities article image

  • Universal IKEv2 Server Configuration

    IKEv2 vs Other VPN IKEv2 is a modern protocol developed by Microsoft and Cisco which was chosen as a default VPN type in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Windows since 7. It supports strong encryption, auto reconnection on network change (MOBIKE), easy configuration and more.

  • Probe Request flooder

    Startups like Euclid Analytics grabs probe requests to track people.
    This scripts generate random probe requests which they love so much.
    On my RTL818L card I get ~50 probes/sec.

  • OpenPGP Card V2.0 Factory Reset

    Очистка PGP карты в случае потери PIN кода
  • How To Create P2P-based Conference in New Skype

    In modern Skype versions was added new conference type called “Cloud-based chat room”.
    This new conferences haven’t creator role, and many old options not work.

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